How Do People Interact With Your Sales Funnel

Due to the ongoing benefits, implementing the Shopee cashback program will motivate shoppers to become loyal customers.

By incorporating a reliable and responsive customer chat service, you will be able to gain trust and sentiment thereby converting one-time customers into returning buyers.

Loyalty Program
Loyalty programs come in the form of vouchers, freebies, or special discounts that you can offer loyal customers.

Shopee gives you access to all users who order from your store. Therefore, you can see the history of his behavior. You will see how many orders they have completed including the ones that were cancelled.

Package Insert
Package inserts pertain to simple gestures such as a thank you message sent to the customer along with the package. It can also be a note telling customers to follow you on social media.

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel Using Split Dragon

Here are the details on how Split database Dragon can help in optimizing your store for the Shopee sales funnel:

To drive attention to your shop/products, you can use our keyword suggestion tool to generate keywords that are used specifically in the Shopee algorithm.

When you go the traditional way of keyword research, you are targeting an audience that is not clear because a lot of people use Google (not all of them are Shopee users).

Conversion & Retention
Split Dragon AB Testing, Competitor Tracking, Product Analyzer and Market Research are useful in helping you convert visitors into customers.

The AB Testing tool lets you assess which product


listing method is most effective at driving sales. Meanwhile, competitor tracking provides you with information GMX Email about your competitors’ activities. That way, you’ll be able to counter any actions that could potentially cause you to lose ground in your product line.

Market Research and Product Analyzer are additional tools that will assist you in assessing or assessing your store’s potential to increase sales.

Do you recognize these funnel stages in your sales? Let us know in the comments section.

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