With a marketing strategy

Without forgetting the definition of KPI numbers and metrics that describe the achievement of goals. Without a common language towards the management arguing the importance of marketing measures is much more difficult than in a situation where you have both a clear strategy and proposals for implementing the plans. With the MVG-MRACE® model you therefore ensure that you are on the same wavelength with the cable. Here are a few more points what else the lack of planning and goals in marketing can mean in addition to

The important fact that reporting

 Results in general is very difficult =stupid without goals to which the achieved results are mirrored. If there are no goals at a strategic level it could mean that Marketing cannot meet the growth b2b email list goals and strategy of the business. Marketing sales communication and the management of the organization all do different things. Cooperation across team boundaries is not sufficient to make it possible to break down the goals of the big picture into steps that grow the company. Marketing measures may not be able to respond to trends

Or changes in the competitive

 Situation and customer behavior. The marketing strategy is lacking in which case the resources used for marketing may be wasted. It is impossible to justify raising the marketing budget and investing. If there are no GMX Email List objectives at a tactical level it can mean that There is no certainty whether the right measures will be taken in the right channel for the right target group or at the right time There are no cause-and-effect relationships and it is difficult to prioritize what needs to be done which causes the focus of the work to

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