Which has rang from mild to clinical, as well as PND and high anxiety. I’ve never been diagnos with any other mental health issue but I am pretty certain I have had OCD, and when I was younger I had anorexia. Life isn’t easy and it’s unsurprising that we can find things hard to cope with, which can often lead to a breakdown of our mental state. The human mind is complex and we still don’t fully understand it. Evolution has progressively made things tougher for us, as we all seem to be striving and wanting more.

We must crack on and remain

Wanting to improve ourselves according to our radical ideals and high expectations, wanting to please others all the time, wanting to win in all whatsapp mobile number list areas of our life. It can sometimes feel like we are setting a program in our minds of a destination we want to get to, and that we have to achieve XYZ in the process. Alarmingly, we pile the pressure onto ourselves, reach a block and can no longer move forward. This gives us reason to feel like failures, and can ignite anxiety and lead on to depression. The unknown Some of our behaviours are genetic and some are environmentally influenc.

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Strong when facing adversity

Life is not perfect, or easy; there are billions GMX Email of humans that walk our earth and we are all different. So why do we find it hard to accept that the majority of us have some form of mental health issue, or have at least experienc one? Is it because it’s still the unknown? Are we still scar of getting into a conversation about someone’s thoughts? If we were more open, more understanding and more accepting of mental health, then what kind of a world would we live in? I believe we are condition to have this attitude that.