What is Digital Graphic Design Engage More With Visuals

Digital graphic design is integral to modern sales and marketing strategies. But what is it, and how can your business take advantage of it? Digital graphic design encompasses the core elements of graphic design and translates them into digital mediums. From there, brands can use these visuals to strengthen their marketing message.

The Rise of Digital Graphic Design

How did we get to a place where graphic design dominates our lives so much that we’ve been able to tune it out?

If you trace the history of modern graphic design, it began in the 1920s as a way for businesses to brand themselves and capture the Whatsapp Data public’s attention. Although graphic designers had been around before then (since the early 1900s), it wasn’t until the Roaring 20s that the fundamentals of the discipline took off.

As more businesses came into being, graphic design became more in demand.

The 50s and 60s saw further commercialization of graphic design principles, including negative space, typography, color theory, and image balance. By the time computers became a viable option for designers in the 80s and 90s, graphic design was already far more prolific than ever.

Digital tools quickly replaced traditional ones as technology progressed, and digital graphic design swiftly took over. Now, high-quality designs aren’t just reserved for those with the equipment and know-how to create them. Instead, anyone can put a design together, thanks to user-friendly sites like Canva.

Artificial intelligence is pushing the boundaries even further now that computers can generate graphics and images on the fly. While there is still a need for skilled graphic designers, AI has made digital design far more prevalent.

Graphic design vs. digital design

Most people would assume that digital and graphic design are the same. While there is some significant overlap, there are also some fundamental differences.

First of all, graphic design only deals with static imagery. So, no moving elements, animations, or interactive pieces. Second, graphic design is built upon fundamental teachings that GMX Email List discuss everything from how far apart letters should be to which colors can clash in a piece.

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