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Results and improve your marketing using Dashboard. Finland along with many other European countries belongs to Googles price comparison service program. Price comparison services comparison shopping services i.e. CSS are comparison websites that collect price information from different online stores and aim to direct traffic to these websites. In practice Google Shopping itself is a CSS service provided by Google. When using Googles CSS the product information of the online store is managed from the merchant center

When Shopping advertising

Done through a CSS partner the Merchant Center is therefore registered with the CSS partner instead of Google. From the point of view of managing advertising it is of no practical importance whether you business database use Googles CSS or a CSS partner as the user interface of the merchant center is identical in both. Using a CSS partner can enable up to 2% cheaper click prices for the advertiser using it. In this blog post we explain in more detail what this benefit is all about and what challenges and opportunities are associated with utilizing

CSS services in practice

 Situation and customer behavior. The marketing strategy is lacking in which case the resources used for marketing may be wasted. It is impossible to justify raising the marketing budget and investing. If there are no GMX Email List objectives at a tactical level it can mean that There is no certainty whether the right measures will be taken in the right channel for the right target group or at the right time There are no cause-and-effect relationships and it is difficult to prioritize what needs to be done which causes the focus of the work to

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