Telemedicine in SUS combines initiatives

That democratize access to quality healthcare. Using the internet and modern software, these actions connect doctors, health professionals and patients in different locations. By breaking the geographic barrier , it is possible to expand access to consultations with specialists. But not only that, but also the interpretation of exams, diagnostic support and professional training. It does not mean, however, that all technology solutions are now available free of charge to Brazilians. In this article, I bring examples of the use of telemedicine in the SUS, its advantages and which solutions can still be adopted to improve public health in Brazil.

Will also highlight the efficiency of the online

Reports delivered via the telemedicine platform. Follow! How is telemedicine in the SUS? Telemedicine in the SUS works both from local and national initiatives , such as the Program. This happens because the spheres that make up the Unified Switzerland Phone Numbers List Health System have autonomy to carry out actions at the municipal, state or regional level . In this scenario, public managers in Brazilian municipalities and states have been optimizing their health services through telemedicine since the 1990s. One of the first records dates back to 1994, when Rede Sarah started a videoconference program to exchange information between its hospitals.

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Several assistance fronts have emerged

That benefit from the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to share medical data. They came from both public and private initiatives, including: , made possible by issuing remote examination reports second medical Gmxemail List clarify questions about dubious cases and advise on the indicated conduct Teleconsultation, which makes it possible to carry out anamnesis and clinical examination through a telemedicine system. Although they have been available for decades in the country, it was in recent years that the provision of distance procedures became popular within the SUS. Mainly in view of the challenge of social distancing, imposed by the covid-19 pandemic from .

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