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For her, it not only represents GDP and doing business, but also a professional activity that affects daily life and allows us to understand the environment in which we live . “It is being able to improve with political and economic decision-making, making a more promising future possible for our society,” says Brenda. Our outstanding student belongs to the top tenth and has been the winner, consecutively, of the 2019 and 2020 itions of the “ Women Challenge ”. Likewise, she was a speaker at the Entrepreneurship and Business Advice Workshops for Microentrepreneurs of the “Financiera Compartamos” and Youth Entrepreneurs of Puente Pira.

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Don’t just settle for what you learn at university or stay in your comfort zone. “There is a totally new world out there.” He is currently b2b leads working as a talent retention analyst in an NGO. She, in turn, is a pre-professional intern at a financial consulting firm, analyzing and translating weekly stock market development reports. “Don’t just settle for what you learn at university, there is a totally new world out there. Constantly gaining new knowlge and not staying in a comfort zone will open great doors for you, both on a personal and professional level,” is the advice that Brenda wants to give to UPN students.

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Volume publish by our teacher is a practical guide for potential entrepreneurs, explaining to them that the situation generat by the pandemic should be seen as an opportunity. entrepreneurs “Entrepreneurship in times of crisis” is the name of the book publish by our teacher Luis Miguel Olórtegui, which aims GMX Email List to identify business opportunities in a context of economic crisis caus by the pandemic. Not only. A practical guide for Peruvians with business initiative “Not only Without a doubt my greatest motivation is being able to contribute to society with a. Not only bibliographical reflection and experiences with 100% real cases on entrepreneurship issues

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