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Thereby protecting your cash flow and your suppliers benefit from immdiate payment. You can find more information and more about how AirPlus Virtual Cards work in our free fact sheet: “AirPlus Virtual Cards: Central and digital billing – and remain flexible at the same time” and in our monthly newsletter with current trends, interviews and podcasts from the world of corporate payments : Subscribe now for free!Introducing a corporate card in your company is already an important first step in making life easier for your business travelers and better controlling their business travel expenses.

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However, the optimization of this payment method depends on a broad acceptance network of merchants – which is not always the case Latest Mailing Database depending on the type of corporate card… 94% of business travelers consider the global acceptance of their corporate card to be very important (ITMS/AirPlus). With good reason. Whenever they are away from metropolitan areas, whether in their own country or in a foreign country, business travelers want to be able to pay for their business expenses without having their corporate card declind.

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That’s why it’s so important for travel managers to assess the reach of a corporate crdit card provider’s acceptance network before GMX Email List making a decision on a provider. Ensuring the acceptance network of the card provider While most corporate crdit card providers in major cities and developd areas have a relatively extensive acceptance network, this is not always the case in some rural areas and developing countries.

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