PASTOR Formula: How to Use It to Write an Effective Sales Page

PASTOR Formula: How to Use It to Write an Effective Sales Page. Formulas are an exceptional resource to structure all the information that we want to send to our client and make the message extremely persuasive. They also serve as a guide for copywriters or professionals who are just starting out. And within the copywriting formulas, the PASTOR is one of the most popular and well-known. In this post I am going to explain to you what it really consists of and how to use the PASTOR formula step by step on your sales pages. You will see it with a real example of a landing so that it is more visual and you understand all the tips that I will give you.

What does the PASTOR formula consist of

The PASTOR formula is one of many techniques in the world of copywriting to organize information and build your sales message. When it comes to selling, there are many factors that influence the customer’s decision. It is an absolute question of psychology. To understand what needs you have, what situation job function email list you are starting from and where you want to go, what are your fears or obstacles to making a decision and, on the contrary, what would motivate you to do so.


Show the solution to end that situation or problem and that obviously has to do with your product or service. Here we reflect the general benefits of the solution we propose. That is, continuing with the lawyer example, here you would tell him why it would make sense to hire a personal lawyer to manage the case. And you have to be clear about one thing: you have to refute objections GMX Email List and purchasing obstacles throughout the entire landing page. Obviously you are not the only option on the market, much less the only solution.

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