Technological evolution and the consolidation of social networks as a direct relationship channel with the customer, associated with the continuous increase in the level of consumer demand, has led to the need, on the part of the market, to develop new strategies for disseminating information and accessing goods consumption. This achievement led many companies to massively invest in different service channels, seeking better communication opportunities with the public, either through the digital world or even through physical service channels.

These new relationship strategies began to be developed

With the aim of generating a greater degree of efficiency and profitability. Through different forms of integration between relationship channels and   Home Furniture and Equipment Stores Business Email List according to the business profile to which these companies are.We highlight two concepts that have become the basis of customer service and sales programs: Omnichannel and Multichannel. These two concepts focus on the diversification of communication channels for customer service and loyalty. As well as mechanisms for attracting new consumers. However, despite having similar objectives. On different principles and strategies when they are put into practice.

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Do you know the basic differences between these

Different concepts and what each of these strategies are based on? Can you identify the benefits of each of these. Plans and which the most GMX Email List appropriate to use in your company? Keep following this post and resolve some of the main doubts that exist about the development of integration. Strategies between communication channels. Omnichannel X Multichannel Both Omnichannel and Multichannel are based on the use of different channels to develop different communication strategies with the public, seeking a higher level of interaction, resulting in customer loyalty and attraction of new consumers. The similarity, however, stops there.

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