How to get followers on Twitter [Most effective strategies]

How to get followers on Twitter [Most effective strategies]. When we talk about social media strategy for businesses and professionals who want to attract customers and sell online, most think of Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook. Twitter is a social network used worldwide to share content and news in real time, so I could say that it is the TOP one to stay updated and aware of the latest trends. However, very few draw up a strategy in it. They tweet and interact irregularly, without a specific purpose, and they are wasting opportunities for visibility and business growth.

Optimize your profile

Before trying to gain new followers on Twitter, it is important that you have your profile optimized. An account and profile name that is easy to remember and defines you. An appropriate profile image, one that looks good on you, smiling, and depending on your objectives, one that is more professional or closer and more natural. A cover image that defines your value proposition. What do you do, something that gives you authority and generates interest in email leads  your community. For the marketing and web school profile, some students from the first editions of the digital marketing master’s degree appear in the cover photo.

Set a high frequency

Set a high frequency. Therefore, On Twitter, frequency is extremely important. Think about the number of people on the social network sharing content in real time. Just as you write a tweet, it is published. You just have to wait a few minutes to refresh the page and notice how many new tweets there are in your feed. And the more people you follow GMX Email List the faster new content emerges. Therefore, if you want to attract the attention of your followers and make them stop and read your posts, you will have to post very frequently. I recommend at least around 10 tweets a day.

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