There is no doubt that relationship marketing is essential to improve interaction with the public in any company. However, did you know that you can boost it with gifting actions (gifts)? That’s right, with a good selection of treats, it is possible to expand the bonds that connect the consumer to your business and even open doors for more creative and, why not, emotional dissemination. After all, the act of giving someone a gift is a special moment, capable of bringing smiles from the person and raising the esteem they have for the person giving the gift. In this case, expanding the positive perception of your brand.

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Therefore, if you want to improve your relationship with your audience, it is worth investing in gifting actions . But remember to think hard about which gifts to give and in Stone, Clay, Glass Manufacturers Email List what way. To help with that, we prepared some pretty cool tips. Be sure to check it out! How should gifting actions be part of a relationship marketing strategy? First, you need to plan the process of delivering gifts to your customers based on the marketing strategy that will be applied. Did it get complicated? Follow some goals to understand: reinforce your branding : if you want to consolidate the brand in people’s minds or promote it in line with a cause, then the gift needs to be thought of based on that.

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For example, to convey the idea of ​​respect

Try to give items that are recyclable or have sustainable components. Launch of a product.  It is possible to grant gifts to those who try a new product or service from GMX Email List your company. As a kind of extra attraction. post-sale reinforcement — a post-sale gift can help improve customer satisfaction, in addition to showing that even after the purchase he is important to the company. In addition, when deciding on gifts, be careful not to choose objects that are not good for much. That the consumer usually already has or that do not match their profile. For example. Why give a photo frame if the customer is more connected to technology. Preferring to keep their photos on their smartphone, in the cloud or on social networks? Also think carefully about giving a flavored soap.

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