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It is worth highlighting that there are numerous trends in Artificial Intelligence for companies that are already being implement by several organizations, as highlight in the new Zendesk CX Trends 2023 report . The survey reveal that 60% of today’s companies already use chatbots to improve the customer’s shopping experience. However, the use of Artificial Intelligence in companies does not stop there! I’ll show you how it helps your company stand out in the market, presenting 5 practical applications that you can adopt. Check out! Essential Digital Marketing.

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It seeks to create machines capable of learning, reasoning, perceiving and making decisions, being built bas on machine learning algorithms , which allow the system to learn and improve on its own as it is expos to more data. This technology is us in a wide variety of applications , including data analysis, voice and image recognition, robotics, recommendation systems, among others. Tip: 22 biggest Digital Marketing However trends for 2023 How does Artificial Intelligence help your company? Artificial Intelligence can help your company in several ways , such as: Having greater efficiency in special data data analysis; Automating processes; Personalizing the Customer Experience ; Detecting fraud; And even improving the quality of the product or service offer.

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Practical guide: how to choose the Best Marketing Strategies for your company Fraud detection However AI is also very useful for detecting suspicious patterns and behaviors in financial transactions and alerting the company about possible fraud , avoiding losses that could happen if there was no such alert. Quality improvement Its use also serves to monitor However processes and identify opportunities for improvement , helping the company to quickly identify and correct problems. 5 practical applications of Artificial Intelligence GMX Email List Now that you’ve seen what Artificial Intelligence is and how it can help your company stand out in the market, check out 5 practical applications : 1.

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