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Link Building Tactics I’ve Tried Over the Years I view link building as a gift that keeps on giving. It establishes domain authority, increases website traffic and opens doors to partner with other companies depending on the strategies you use. Here’s how we link to close Responding to requests for proposals from writers and journalists A blog post will always stand out if it has input from an industry expert or trusted voice. It is also one of the fastest and easiest ways for companies to gain backlinks and gain brand exposure. Simply answer a question or provide the author with a quote; instead it creates a link to your website. This link can help you refer traffic and it increases the authority of the article when the author requests a citation.

It is even recommended to share your linking preferences with the author

When readers see that you know what you’re talking about, they’re more likely to check out your products and visit your website. Brand Exposure database Everything starts with no audience or exposure. Responsiveness increases brand awareness and lets your target audience know what yours is for and why they should check it out. One of the best ways to get a quote is to have a writer come to you using a quote exchange. Take for example. Writers and journalists use it to submit questions and then send those questions to relevant sources. Writers and journalists use it to submit questions which are then sent to relevant sources.

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Example requests from writers using Help Writer. Image credits. Will be delivered to your inbox. After you register as a source. And if you match the GMX Email demographics. And industries the editors. Are looking for simple. To increase your chances of being. Cited avoid generic information. And provide editors. With specific hints and figures. For example, a quote like. This particular unsubscribe strategy has worked well for us and we found that unsubscribe rates dropped in six months is more likely to be included than a simple statement like avoiding unsubscribes is critical.

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