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In using new technologies . The good news is that using telemedicine only requires basic knowledge to care for patients using video and audio resources. As long as you choose a simple platform , the dynamics are similar to face-to-face consultations, exams and monitoring. In the following lines, I show how online medical assistance is provided and what are the advantages and factors to consider when choosing the right software for your needs. Good reading! The importance of knowing how to assist in telemedicine The quality of medical care must be present in all interactions with the patient.

Whether during face-to-face contact

Or mediated by information and communication technologies (ICT), this factor has a great influence on the patient’s experience . This is fundamental for loyalty and, consequently, the financial health of the business. To give you New Zealand Phone Numbers List an idea, the CX Trends 2022 survey , conducted by Zendesk, found that healthcare establishments that value the customer experience have 2.7 times more satisfied patients . The same report revealed greater efficiency and humanization in the journey of patients who had technology. The main one is telemedicine, which is present in the routine of half of Brazilian doctors.

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According to the study “Doctors’

Perception of the current moment of the covid-19 pandemic – Telemedicine segment”. Released in early the survey heard professionals across the country, evidencing the wide acceptance of telemedicine by the population . In this scenario, physicians Gmxemail List stated that of patients like remote care , which requires an adaptation by professionals who are not yet familiar with the innovation. Meanwhile, only of professionals are resistant to this type of medical assistance. In any case, a positive experience requires optimized and intuitive systems, basic training and respect for the limitations of call assistance.

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