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Disappear Instead of the big picture we get stuck looking at the details Are we measuring the wrong things or maybe the right things but in the wrong way? In the worst case directing the outsourced marketing partner remains at a very superficial level and we are in a situation where neither party is satisfied The MVG model at the strategic level and the MRACE® at the tactical level are a pair of sleds designed to work most effectively together. The goals remain in the same direction and monitoring their realization is easy

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Of our MRACE® Dashboard. Download the marketing goal setting guide. Justifying marketing decisions using the MRACE® Dashboard this is how you make it easier to report results to management b2b leads The visual marketing Dashboard gives you a quick overview of the marketing measures taken and their results. When all the groundwork is done and marketing is implemented according to our model in different channels the MRACE® Dashboard is a marketing decision makers dream tool to verify the results we have achieved for

Dashboard offers accurate

Model information about the profitability of your different marketing channels and your entire online service and the roles of different channels in your customers GMX Email List fragmented buying process. Marketing measures are made visually visible on a dashboard according to our tactical MRACE® model which facilitates among other things marketing management and decision-making as well as reporting and budgeting. With MRACE® Dashboard you can control both marketing and business development measures and you can

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