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Can be the solution that was missing to make your clinic’s services more agile, integrated and reliable. After all, there are already software designed for the reality of health professionals and units. These are solutions that make day-to-day routines easier and reduce the time spent filling out paperwork. However, the electronic patient record (EHR) goes beyond a simple scanned version of the printed document. It includes a number of functionalities, which efficiently collect, store and protect information. It also allows the data to be always at hand, eliminating the need for the patient to keep it. In addition, it offers tools to qualify the diagnosis .

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Of digital medical records, their benefits and tips for choosing the most suitable one for your needs? So, continue reading this article. I’ll start with a definition of this system that has driven the digitization of offices, clinics and hospitals across the country. Digital medical record: what is it? Digital medical record is the document that gathers Belarus Mobile Number List the patient’s medical history , having been created or stored in digital format. The name may also refer to the PEP. In this case, we are referring to a system used to electronically store the data of patients who receive care in a health unit. By using this platform, clinics , offices and hospitals replace paper records with software. In this way, they optimize the work to organize .

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Digital medical records add benefits

To physicians and patients Relationship between doctors and patients is qualified with the use of digital medical records Also, there are options with cloud storage . This technology greatly reduces the chances of data being lost or erased after a Gmxemail List while. Another interesting possibility is the integration with programs such as telemedicine platforms . This allows you to align details about tests, appointments and treatments more quickly. In the next topics, I will explain more about these features. Differences from the paper chart Before talking about the differences, it is worth mentioning the similarities between the electronic medical record and the paper medical record.

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